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Kaufman is located 30 miles east of downtown Dallas (with all of Dallas’ amenities just a short drive away).  The city is emerging as a medical, business and government center for North Texas’ fourth fastest growing county.  A population of 7,000 expands to more than 60,000 within a 15 mile radius.  Kaufman boasts 16 extremely diversified manufacturers/distributors who employ 900 individuals.  Total employment is approaching 4,000.  Kaufman is the perfect balance of progress and tradition.

Presbyterian Hospital, one of the city’s finest assets, is rated at 95 beds and has brought state-of-the-art technology and care to Kaufman County.  Kaufman is also home to the College of Nursing for Trinity Valley Community College.  Visit PHK web site at

Kaufman Independent School District is rated as “Recognized” for several years running and in 2003 (last year ratings were available), 40% of the school campuses were rated “Exemplary”, the absolute highest rating.  Visit the KISD website at

City council recently approved 3 new planned developments which, combined, offers more than 100 acres of retail commercial, more than 500 acres for new, single family dwellings and 50 acres of multi-family.  Two additional planned developments are in the approval process as of this writing that could involve an additional 800 acres of single-family housing.  Visit our newest website at for more details. 
The historic Town Square is one of 14 local historic sites.  Established in 1841 as Kings Fort, Kaufman is one of the oldest settlements in North Texas.  Kaufman is home of the Cuellar family, who are the founders of the El Chico Restaurant Chain.  Kaufman is also home to Edward Lee Nash Jr. who was the original producer for the Three Stooges Comedies.  One of three “Mr. BoJangles” roots have been traced to Kaufman. 
With five golf courses and four lakes nearby, abundant hunting and fishing, beautiful parks, a sports complex, Star Brand Executive Retreat and Conference Center and numerous horse and cattle ranches . . .

Kaufman is a dream come true for those who love the outdoors . . .
. . .Welcome Home!